Established in 2013, we’re a passionate, forward-thinking hair brand specialising in Clip-in Hair Extensions. We're all for ease of application & quick fixes, we want you out the door & hair ready in seconds. When you feel good, you look good, & our mission is complete. For too long now, hair enhancing technologies have not improved. That’s not right, & it’s a situation that’s changing as fast as our team can tear down old-fashioned designs to make way for new technologies that cater for all budgets. That’s also why we’re called Gee Hair, short for Geenius Hair because we strive to create groundbreaking, accessible solutions that bring happiness & benefit to everyday lives. Based in the UK, we now ship worldwide everyday to every country with our strongest customer base in the USA - when something works, word spreads fast. Oh, & we're also well known for our five star customer services. If you're not happy then we're not happy - weave got this!